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Potent C+E+FE Serum

YOUR VITAMIN C SERUM :: using 3 types of Vitamin C, this serum visibly changes the appearance of your skin in days!

Dr. Rajani advises all of his patients to be using a fresh Vitamin C serum. It is time tested and proven scientifically to brighten skin and build collagen even in the most sensitive areas such as around the eye. With 3 types of Vitamin C working synergistically with Vitamin E and Ferrulic acid, algae extract and Hyaluronic acid to moisturize you can be assured you are getting the best, freshest Vitamin C product on the market. This synergistically formulated serum contains over 90% of essential antioxidants, probably among the highest in vitamin potency in the market. It is safe to be used anytime, day and night.

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Price: $89.00
Potent C+E+FE Serum
Potent C+E+FE Serum
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Potent C+E+FE Serum - 15mL / .5 fl oz

Active Ingredients
Water, Algae Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, L-Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid Polypeptide, Ester C, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Collagen, Alpha Tocopheral, NaPCA, Oat Extract, Ferulic Acid, Phospholipids, Bloodroot Extract, Methylparaben, Propylparaben
Apply 2-3 times daily as tolerated, then proceed to your regular skin care treatments. Irritation can occur with vitamin C products so application may have to be scaled back. We can make 5% concentrations for those sensitive or up to 20% concentrations. Avoid contact with eyes.

Best if refrigerated.
• High levels of L-ascorbic acid coupled with powerful anti-oxidant protection make this formulation the most important skin saving product in your daily skincare regime.

• Regular use may dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging—fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.

• Can help you look 5 to 10 years younger.

• Helps increase the elasticity and resilience of the skin to greatly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

• Treated skin will gradually appear firmer and smoother with improved texture, tone and overall radiance.

• This formulation is extremely well tolerated and can be used by the majority of people without fear of troublesome skin reactions—such as sensitivity to sunlight—that may occur with other skin smoothing preparations.

• We can formulate from 2% up to 20% concentrations.

The Vitamin C has been outstanding.I rarely write in to thank companies but it is $50 cheaper than my last product and this actually works.I was using a 20% concentration and with your 10% concentration I am seeing results. I was unsure what to do with my last product since I was at the maximum concentration but obviously you have figured out how to keep it potent or maybe its the antioxidants along with the Vitamin C? I will be ordering more along with the night creams.Thanks Again!
Julie M, CA
WOW!Just wanted to write a quick note, to say that I've been using your products for a few weeks and love them. I can already see a difference in the fine lines and softness. I love everything I've purchased so far. I have extremely sensitive skin and these products work great! "The Vitamin c" especially is outstanding! Ordering and shipping was top notch also.
Michelle W, AZ
Since using these products, my skin is so much smoother and has better color. The thing I'm most amazed at is that I had a dark sun spot on my cheek and after using these products, it is almost gone. I thought I would have to go to a dermatologist to get it taken off, but it's hardly noticeable now after using the products for less than two months.
Rachelle N, OR
My skin feels deep clean and polished. My pores are shrinking.
Mike J, PA
I purchased the Rajani MD C and Peptide Eye in the package. What I like most about this product is that it adds a wonderful, moist, youthful soft-shine to skin around eyes. My the whole face looks a little more youthful and happy and I feel much better about myself. My only suggestion is to add more samples to your line so I can try everything.
Marj G, NY
Dr. Rajani may be seeing me less in clinic now.Until these products I thought I had to have invasive procedures. While I have had good success with them I'd rather be able to do more at home. So far I have saved money in lasers and my injections last so much longer. Once again ...Thank You.
Jill T, OR
Why does your Vitamin C cost less than many on the market?
Dr. Rajani believes everyone who can tolerate vitamin C should be on it.It is time proven and most of his patients use it. We use only the highest grade freshest product as well as magnesium forms that other companies use to stabilize it and we see obvious quick results in clinic and on visia skin analysis. If we keep people on it and keep it affordable then patients will be happier with their skin and with their regimen.

Why is it sometimes not in stock?
Its our #1 seller. We want to get the freshest product to you and Vitamin C is the most prone to deteriorating over time.We would rather delay shipment a week and get you the best most effective product than send older outdated supply. Effectiveness is what separates us apart.

Why can't I just take Vitamin C orally?
You can never get enough orally to supply the skin and Vitamin C is one of a few select vitamins our bodies cannot make.It needs to come from an outside source.

Why is it so important?
Skin needs Vitamin C and study after study has shown its effectiveness if it is supplied in the correct form. Unfortunately most people never get active fresh Vitamin C.

Can I use it with my current skin regimen which is not Rajani MD formulations ...yet?
Yes. Use it as your first layer after cleansing and wait 1-5 minutes and then apply creams and sunscreen.

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